Respect is an aspect of gameplay in Bully. It is alternately referred to as "faction", "faction standing", and "faction respect".

The game keeps track of Jimmy Hopkins's standings with each clique based on a percentage which represents how much the clique respects him. Maximum respect is 100%; minimum respect is 0%. Jimmy starts the school year with 50% respect with the Nerds, Preppies, Greasers and Jocks, 25% respect with the Bullies and 0% respect with the Townies.

Respect is changed after certain missions are completed. The respect change will be displayed on the screen with the other mission rewards. Positive respect changes are in blue text, negative respect changes are in red text.

Clique members treat Jimmy based on his respect with their clique. Non-Clique Students treat Jimmy based on his average respect with the five school cliques.

If Jimmy kisses any student, for the rest of the game that student will react to Jimmy as if he has 100% with him or her, regardless of his faction with the cliques.


100% Clique members back you up in fights, will only fight you if directly provoked, and may allow you to hire them as backup.
99%-70% Clique members are friendly, but will attack you if you start trouble with their fellow clique members.
70%-60% Clique members are somewhat friendly. They'll attack without much provocation though.
60%-50% Greasers, Preppies, or Jocks will insult and harass you, but are easy to apologize to and usually leave you alone if you ignore them, Nerds will be friendly to you, but will insult you when fighting someone, even if the person is from a different clique.
50%-45% Clique members are aggressive. They usually attack if you don't beg off, and may demand a bribe to leave you alone.
40%-below Clique members will attack you on sight, including inside the school and the dorms.


  • If you have 50% or more respect from the Nerds they will let you hire them for backup.

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