Rudy is a character exclusive to Bully: Scholarship Edition. He was voiced by Michael Pemberton.

Character DescriptionEdit

Rudy is a bum in a decrepit Santa costume. He's thin and slightly stooped, his eyes are bloodshot, and his fake Santa beard hangs off his chin, revealing an unshaven face. According to Karen, he smells like horse poo and alcohol. He also has the same face model as The Hobo.


Rudy is a drunken deranged hobo who believes he's Santa Claus, but is down on his luck. He has a severe addiction to gambling. He's also not fond of children despite being Santa, as he thinks that the new generation of kids is killing society.

During his final cutscene appearance, it is hinted that he may not be deranged at all, but instead cunning enough to con Jimmy.

Role in storyEdit

Jimmy first encounters Rudy by a burned out building in New Coventry. Rudy is completely drunk and apparently deranged with misery. Jimmy takes enough pity on him that he agrees to help drive away the Townies that are harassing him.

Rudy is able to pay Jimmy for his services, and perhaps for that reason Jimmy continues to help him. He asks Jimmy to destroy a Santa's Castle setup in Bullworth Town, then to get him set up to put on a traditional "sit on Santa's lap" event for the small children in town (if "traditional" means in a dirty alley with decorations made out of scavenged garbage). Finally, he asks Jimmy to serve as the photographer for the event.

Rudy cannot be encountered in free roam. After the sit on Santa's lap event is completed, he apparently leaves town.

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