Safehouses are locations in Bully where Jimmy can sleep or hideout from authority figures such as Prefects or the Police.

Information and LocationsEdit

There are 6 safehouses scattered all over Bullworth that Jimmy can use. There is one in the Boys' Dorm which is Jimmy's dormitory bedroom, one in Old Bullworth Vale in the Beach House, one in the Dragon's Wing Comics store, one in New Coventry in the Greasers hangout, one in Blue Skies Industrial Park in the Townies hangout, and one located at the Bullworth Academy Football Field in the Jocks Clubhouse.

The safehouses (with the exception of the one in the Boys' Dorm) are all unlocked by completing that particular clique's challenge mission. Each Clique apart from the Bullies have a challenge, which when completed unlocks a safehouse in that Clique's main location.

Each safehouse has a save book and a bed to sleep in. Each safehouse apart from the Jocks Clubhouse have a dresser to change clothes in. Prefects and Police cannot follow Jimmy into the safehouse however they may chase him or other students in there, only to be nowhere to be found once inside. Townsfolk and other students cannot follow him in there unless Jimmy paid them to follow him.


  • If you attack an adult by the Townie's hideout and go in there, the adult will follow you in there.
  • Inside the Principal's Office there is also a save book.

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