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Shiny Bikes is a chain of bike shops in Bullworth. They serve as a place where Jimmy can purchase bikes. Shiny Bikes also has a garage where Jimmy can store his vehicles. The stores are marked by a bicycle wheel, while the bike garages are marked with a lock.

Bikes Edit

*Note: Purchasing a bike will replace the scooter (if already purchased) in Jimmy's garage. Repurchasing the scooter will result in Jimmy needing to buy the bike again.

  • Mountain Bike: $35.00
    • Speed: *****
    • Acceleration: ****
    • Handling: ***
    • Handles better on rough terrain
  • Racer: $15.00
    • Speed: *****
    • Acceleration: *****
    • Handling: ***
  • Aquaberry Cruiser: $25.00
    • Speed: *****
    • Acceleration: *****
    • Handling: ****

In the back room of both stores, there is a red bicycle that slightly resembles the bike seen in Pee-wee's Big Adventure.

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