The Shopkeepers are a group of adults who run the various shops in Old Bullworth Vale, Bullworth Town and New Coventry.

List of ShopkeepersEdit

Deleted shopkeepersEdit

  • Nate worked at a music store.
  • Floyd worked at a record store.
  • Ian worked at a store of unknown type. He mentions selling firecrackers in his dialogue.
  • Denny was not deleted from the game, but it is believed he was once intended to run the tattoo parlor in Blue Skies Industrial Park.

Game mechanicsEdit

Unlike other NPCs in the game, Jimmy cannot interact with them. Jumping on them will cause them to perform a citizen's arrest or attack, and hitting/shoving a customer or themselves will cause them to eject him. He can interact with them if they are added to free roam via mods.

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