Sid is a character from Bully found on the website along with alpha versions of many other Bully characters. Sid was short but muscular and he wore a red Bullworth sleeveless sweater-vest with no shirt under it, a flat-bottom tie, 3-quarter pants, suspenders, brown ankle boots and wristbands. Sid also had a mohawk hairstyle.

On Tyler's Art, Sid was identified as being one of the Punks.

Sid has a mild resemblance to Jimmy. When the character model was first posted on Tylers Art, many Bully fans thought that Sid was an early version of Jimmy Hopkins. This is not true, however. Sid appeared in the comic strip that came with the limited edition of Bully. A panel from the strip included in the instruction manual has Sid in it. He can be seen on page 10, 3rd line down, in the left box. As Jimmy himself appeared in that comic, it demonstrates that they were never the same character.

Sid also has a mild similarity in appearance to the Townie Otto Tyler. As the Punks are believed to have evolved into the Dropouts and then the Townies during the game's production, it is possible that Otto was inspired by Sid.