Tad's House
Location: Yum Yum Market
Time(s) Available: before curfew
Faction: Preppies -15
Reward: $15
Unlocks: Boxing Challenge

Tad's House is a mission in Chapter 2.

The MissionEdit


As Jimmy is walking by the Yum Yum Market in Old Bullworth Vale, he sees Russell manhandling the manager of the store, Mr. Oh. Mr. Oh yells for Jimmy to help him, and Jimmy manages to calm Russell down.

Mr. Oh then asks Jimmy about how the last mission went. When Jimmy tells him it didn't go well, Mr. Oh then tells him that Tad's parents are away at a party and it would be a good time for a revenge hit against him. Jimmy agrees, and buys some more eggs.


Jimmy follows Russell on his bike through town and up into the residential area. Most of the Preppies are at Tad's house for some unknown reason but it could be a party whilst the parents are out. Some of the second floor windows are open, and Jimmy throws eggs through them. Tad periodically sends members of the Preppies out to find out what's going on. Justin patrols the property once Jimmy first arrives. Gord is the second Preppy sent out, Chad the third, Parker the fourth.

Once Jimmy has thrown an egg through each open window, all of the Preppies except Derby Harrington and possibly Tad head out into the yard. All Jimmy has to do to complete the mission is to leave Tad's yard; fighting them isn't necessary.


  • If Jimmy already has eggs in his inventory in The Eggs, he never goes to the Yum Yum Market. Mr. Oh will still refer to him in this mission as "egg kid", however.
  • All the Preppies except Pinky, Tad, and Derby Harrington head out into the yard, despite Jimmy and Russell having beaten a few of them already.
  • After this mission, Russell's life bar will remain at the side and will still help Jimmy fight.

Mission videoEdit

HD Bully Scholarship Edition 24 Tad's House03:27

HD Bully Scholarship Edition 24 Tad's House

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