Taunting is a game mechanic in Bully, and can be used by Jimmy to harass other characters.

From a distance, the taunting object equals Jimmy insulting or challenging another character, and if close enough, Jimmy will shove them. He can also taunt authority figures. Taunting is a rule infraction, and will fill the trouble meter.

Jimmy can taunt any student, however the tougher ones will usually taunt him back or will start a fight with him. The Nerds and Non-Clique Students are more likely to run away in fear.

NPCs can taunt Jimmy or other characters, including Townsfolk. Non-Clique students never taunt other characters without being provoked.

If an NPC is taunted by Russell, the victim will be very scared of him and will plead him to leave them alone regardless how strong his or her clique is, the larger ones will try to walk away from him. This probably due to the fact he is the largest and strongest student on campus.

Authority Figures will sometimes taunt Jimmy if he runs toward them. The Authority Figure will point his finger at him and insult him.

Upgrades Edit

If Jimmy has not yet passed English 2, his taunts will be weak and will usually result in immediate attack from other students unless their respect for Jimmy is at 70% or higher.

After English 2, Jimmy's taunts become stronger. If clique members' respect for Jimmy is below 60%, excluding Nerds whose exception is 50%, they will attack him. Non-Clique Students will always plead to be left alone, with the exception of Chapter V after Making a Mark.

After completing English 4, Jimmy gains, aside from his regular taunts, an ability to make comebacks at those who taunt him. If Jimmy taunts someone and that person taunts back, the taunt button turns from white to red, meaning he can make a comeback at the person, which will either intimidate them or make them bribe Jimmy. If Jimmy's comeback intimidates them, they will plead for Jimmy to leave them alone and will run away in fear unless Jimmy apologizes to them. If Jimmy stands close enough to male students he has intimidated, he can humiliate them.

The male members of every clique except the Nerds are the only ones in the game who can bribe Jimmy if their clique respect is low enough. The larger and aggressive characters (Russell, Bif, Norton, Damon, Luis, Juri, Leon, Omar and Gurney) will always demand a bribe from Jimmy and will not be affected by the special taunts he learns after English 4.

Trivia Edit

  • If Jimmy passes English 4 and taunts any of the little kids or Constantinos, they will go and snitch to any nearby authority and get Jimmy in trouble.

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