The Happy Mullet is a barbershop located in Bullworth Town. The proprietor is Mr. Moratti. Ironically, despite the shop's name, the player cannot actually get a mullet haircut there.

Haircuts availableEdit

Style Colour Cost
Flat-top Copper/Auburn/Chestnut $6.00 (Copper) $9.00 (Auburn/Chestnut)
Fade Copper/Auburn/Chestnut $6.00 (Copper) $9.00 (Auburn/Chestnut)
Crew-cut Copper/Auburn/Chestnut $6.00 (Copper) $9.00 (Auburn/Chestnut)
Caesar Copper/Auburn/Chestnut $8.00 (Copper) $12.00 (Auburn/Chestnut)
Clean Shave None $5.00
Buzzcut Auburn $5.00

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