The Rumble
Location: The Underpass
Time(s) Available: Before 11 pm
Faction: N/A
Reward: N/A
Unlocks: Fighting Johnny Vincent

The Rumble is a storyline mission in Chapter 3.

The MissionEdit

Lola is hanging out under the Underpass. She sees Jimmy walk by and demands to know why he isn't fighting for her.

It turns out that Tad has led the Preppies to New Coventry for an all-out brawl with Johnny and the Greasers. Lola tries to goad Jimmy into joining the fight, but he dismisses her, deciding to try and break it up instead.


First, Jimmy has to find Peanut, as Peanut is most likely to know Johnny's whereabouts.

The Greasers and Preppies are fighting all over New Coventry. The cops are also out, trying to break it up, and the other townsfolk are hiding. When Peanut sees Jimmy coming, he flees on a bicycle. He stops in an alley near the Tenements, where Vance and Lefty back him up. Peanut has an increased health bar and defense for this fight, and he never does spill the beans on Johnny's location.

After beating the three of them, Jimmy launches into one of his speeches about how he's now in charge of the clique. He forces Hal (who wasn't even present during the fight) to say loudly that Jimmy Hopkins is in charge. Johnny then shows up and declares he's going to destroy Jimmy. He levels Jimmy with a haymaker just as the cops show up. The next mission, Fighting Johnny Vincent, starts automatically.


Jimmy fights Peanut, Lefty and Vance in the alley. However, the cutscene afterwards shows Jimmy threatening a badly bruised Hal, who was not there at the fight.


  • The mission's name is a likely reference to the "rumble" between the Socs and the Greasers in the novel The Outsiders.
  • Although Jimmy's main target is Peanut, Vance is the one claims that he knows Johnny's whereabouts.

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