Clique Orderlies
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions Galloway Away

Finding Johnny Vincent

Voice Actor Scott Smith
"Work out, juice up, protein shake, internet Latinas, goodnight!"
— Theo

Theo is a character in Bully, and he works at the Happy Volts Asylum and Happy Endings Retirement Home as an orderly. He was voiced by Scott Smith.

Character descriptionEdit

Theo is a heavily built, slightly overweight man. He has brown hair in a flat-top, with stubble growing on his chin, although he is most noticeable for his bloodshot eyes. He wears his orderly uniform topped with a mask on a string and gloves, wearing a white beanie in the winter. His first name is displayed on a name-tag on his uniform, but various players have reported seeing it state different names.

An earlier version of the character, Dan the medic, appeared on Tyler Wilson's website. Dan had the same build as Theo, but he had a beard and tattooed forearms.


Inexplicably, Theo is the only orderly who patrols the Asylum and retirement home during the free-roam portion of the game.

According to his dialogue, he has been living in the asylum since he started working there and that he steals drugs from the inmates and consumes them. He is also a proponent for exercise and likes watching Latina pornography on the internet.

Role in gameEdit

Theo is the only orderly who can be seen during free roam. Inside the asylum, several instances of him may be on the screen at the same time. He also patrols the Happy Endings Retirement Home.

He appears in the missions, Finding Johnny Vincent and Galloway Away.