Transistors are objects Jimmy can find various places in Bullworth. One is found as part of the mission A Little Help, the others are found during free roam. Each time he finds one, another A Little Help mission from The Hobo is available.

Each A Little Help mission involves only being taught and then mastering a fighting move by The Hobo.

Transistor locations and rewardsEdit

Transistor Location Reward
Transistor 1 Roof of the AutoShop Uppercut
Transistor 2 In the school basement Leg sweep
Transistor 3 An alley in Bullworth Town, by the Mexican Restaurant Thrust kick
Transistor 4 On top of the dam in Old Bullworth Vale 5 punch combo
Transistor 5 In the basement of the Dragon's Wing Comic Store Roundhouse kick
Transistor 6 In the northeast of New Coventry Overhead Punch


  • Some players have reported finding Transistor 6 in other places including the Townie Hideout instead of in New Coventry. It appears that the transistor was in the Townie Hideout in the earliest copies of Bully; it was then moved in later copies. It is believed that this was done to tone down the difficulty of the game by allowing players to learn the Overhead Punch as soon as Chapter 3 starts.


Bully all 6 Transistors locations02:52

Bully all 6 Transistors locations

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