Trees of indeterminate species are scattered around Bullworth. Most of them serve as decorative objects, but some of them can be climbed. These trees can be distinguished from ordinary ones by the presence of creeping vines on a side of the tree.

Authority figures and hostile students cannot climb the trees, which makes them useful vantage points for sniping with the slingshot.

List of climbable treesEdit

Bullworth AcademyEdit

Old Bullworth ValeEdit

  • At the top of the shopping plaza, to the left of Shea Lewis cafe (Vale Hotel)
  • At a small roundabout located at a large house, in the northwestern section of the residential district
  • Inside the retirement home, just inside the entrance on the right side.

Happy Volts AsylumEdit

  • On the south edge of the Asylum, along a dirt road, just outside the fence.
  • Just inside the Asylum by the fence

Related MissionsEdit


Jimmy climbs the tree near the Observatory and snipes the Jocks during football practice.

Cook's DateEdit

Jimmy climbs the tree near the Shea Lewis Cafe and snipes at students trying to bother Edna and Dr. Watts during their date.

Finding Johnny Vincent and Galloway AwayEdit

Jimmy must use the trees by the Asylum as a means of getting over the fence.

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