• AJR21

    Bully 2: New Areas

    January 28, 2010 by AJR21

    When there is a Bully 2, It needs more than new cliques. Like new weapons,new bikes,and new for my areas: a town where a new clique is found.A town for people who hate bullworth and anyone from Bullworth would get jumped and wont get in trouble because the city also hates bullworth.Its a much poor area than New Coventry & the Residental area of Blue Skies Indusrtial Park.A old place where one airplane would go if the Bullworth airport was full.With a broken airplane it is used as a junkyard & where the new clique hideout and boss a really small area.The biggest part of the town the underpass under the bridge leading to the junkyard.The bridge is not big in height but large in width taking up the middle part of the town. …

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