Brian's relationship. Thanks goes to Jenny for the idea.

Friendly relationships:

Johnny Vincent: The greaser leader is Brian's friend after he saved him in a fight.

The entire Greaser clique: It's no secret that Brian has befriended the entire Greaser clique.

Jenny Wolf: Jenny is one of Brian's most prized friend he'll protect her and vice versa for him. The two have one of the most valued friendships on campus.

Greg Ryder: Greg is Brian's best friend. They've been friends since the first hour they've known eachother. Their friendship is a very famous ones on campus. Every student on Campus knows that when they're togather the two are un-defeatable.

Parker Ogilvie: Even though Brian hates those rich kids Brian is able to mantain a friendship with Parker.

CJ: Carl Johnson is a family friend. When Brian moved to Grove Street CJ was the first person to ever meet and befriend Brian and his family.

James Rae Davidson: James is Brian's brother, the two like to exchange insults, but deep down they'd each take a bullet for eachother.

Uncle David: David is Brian's number one friend. David used to be a Marine in Vietnam war. His kill count was 150 NVA soldiers.

Ashley Dayle Davidson: Ashley might not seem like a friend of Brian, but she is till his younger sister.

Hated relationships:

Ted, Damon, and the rest of the jocks: Brian has a terrible standing with the jocks making him target number one for their steroid rage.

Derby, Bif and the rich kid blues: The Preppies are Brian's most hated Students, with the exception of Parker they are all his enemies.

Andrew Ammons: These two used to be friends but Andrew has a uncontrollable temper tantrum.

Tom, Wade, and Troy: Brian mantains a terrible relationship with these three even though the rest of the Bully clique even Russell knows that Brian is not to be f*cked with.

Aunt Meagan: Meagan is the number one most hated relatives of Brian. She is the younger sister of Jeff and David.

Romantic Interests:

Jessica Reno: Brian's first relationship. What many people don't know is that She died on their anniversary.

jamie Gaul: Jamie is Brian's current relationship.

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