I woke up at about 5:36 in the moring hearing shouting and what sounded like fighting. Not just one fight it sounded like a huge all-school rumble. I looked at Greg he was sleeping like a baby.

I started shaking him saying stuff trying to get him up.

"What?" Greg said in a tired tone. "Do you hear that?" I asked him. "It sounds like fighting." He said intentively.

I went outside to check it out with Greg following me out the whole way. When we walked out the boys dorm was silent, but when we opened the door to the outside world all hell was breaking lose. People were fighting each other and no prefect was doing a thing.

"Greg, we have to go check on my sister, come on!" I said. We got to the side of the girls' dorm. I started climbing the ladder with Greg in tail. We got to the attic only to be comfronted by Derby and Bif.

"Oh look Bif it's Greg and Brian." Derby said. "Oh, you learned the alphabet, douchebag." Greg said in an angry tone.

"Bif take care of Greg. Brian's mine." Derby said in a pshycotic tone. Bif charged at Greg. Bif punched at Greg, Greg easily ducked under his arm. Greg swung at Bif hitting him in the face. Derby punched me in the face I felt the pain but I would keep going until either him or me was knocked out. I punched Derby then I kicked him in the stomach. I punched Derby three times in the face. He still kept fighting. I punched at him again but he managed to block and in return kicked me in the stomach. It hurt like hell but I knew that was only feuling me to keep going. I uppercutted him in the stomach then I kicked him in the face. He was done.

I turned to Greg noticing Bif was knocked out and Greg was the victor. We continued down to the floor below us noticing there was a guy talking to my sister.

I approached him. I then grabbed his arm. "Look buddy....." I was suprised by who it was. "Is that any way to talk to your brother?"

I was shocked. Why was he here? Did he get expelled again?

"What the hell are you doing here?" I asked him in a suprised tone. He looked at me and started laughing.

"Whats so funny?" I asked. "I just got expelled from ever school in New York City." He said laughing.

"Who's this guy?" James asked looking at Greg. "Hey, I'm Greg Ryder, and you are?" Greg said. I grabbed Ashley by the arm and brought her into a shecluded corner while they talked.

"Where'd he come from?" I asked Ashley. "I don't know, there were these six rich kids harrassing me, and he just shows up and like takes 'em down." Ashley said. I walked towards James who was still conversing with Greg.

I left the girls dorm. I heard some cheering on my way back to our dorm rooms I went to where the cheering was taking place and there I noticed students cheering for Jimmy and the fighting was over.

Later that night I went to a party in the autoshop every Greaser was there but Johnny and Jenny so Norton would be doing the toast instead of Johnny.

"Here's to another year survived!" Norton yelled, and all the Greasers cheered. "And here's to Brian Davidson, the best friend of the Greasers!" They all cheered happily. We all took sips of our drinks enjoying them and then the party began we were exchanging comments, making jokes, and drinking. I was happy as hell. In that moment I realised these are the friends I've always wanted.

There were many things that happend at this school that I will always remember the friendship's I made, The enemies I made, the events that have happened. I decided to sit down at a desk, I put my head on the desk, and fell asleep. Free of worries and free of pain.


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