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Chapter 7: It's all Good

The next day, was the big game. There were no classes, all the teachers were pitching in to help. Meanwhile, Mandy had us practicing like crazy. "Ok, guys! This is it!" she yelled. "Jenny! More FLIPS!" she yelled at me. "I'm trying!" I said. I had flipped about 6 times already, and I was tired. "Mandy, can I just do some routines?" I asked. "Ok, you haven't done many, have you?" she said. "Yeah." I said, walking over to Kate and doing the routine she was doing, too. I looked forward, and saw the mascot running around the benches. Hmm, what's he doing? I asked myself. I saw Juri sit down, and try to get up. The mascot meanwhile, was walking around, innocently. Juri couldn't get up, and he was struggling, as the other jocks laughed at him. I figured the mascot must've put glue on the benches. So, the only question was: who was in the costume, and why did I think it was Jimmy?

After we finished practicing, I ran to the Gym where Johnny waited for me. Greg, Brian, Johnny and I would be going to the game. "Hey, how you been?" Johnny asked. "Tired" I answered. I saw Brian and Greg approaching us. I looked out onto the field, where the mascot was running from the score board. I looked up at it, where it said "Jocks play with their balls." "Did you see the mascot rig the score board? It's hailarious!" I said to them, laughing.

I noticed some familiar aquaberry vests as I sat down, and saw Tad grinning at me. I was very annoyed. I rested my head on Johnny's shoulder, as to say: "I'm with Johnny. So leave me alone." he seemed to get the message. Just in case, I kissed Johnny long enough for him to look away. It started getting dark, and the football lights went on. They dazed me, so bright and shiny. I noticed Johnny looking around. "What?" I asked him, giggling. "Nuffin, nuffin." he said, smiling at me. He put his arm around my waist and pulled me to his side. I saw 2 jocks on the field, which was strange. I'd always watched football games at home, and this was not how the games would usually start, with 2 players approaching the mascot. They seemed to start arguing, and the mascot took his head off. "What's going on?" I asked Johnny. He was concentrated on the field. "I think... I think that's Jimmy down there!" Johnny said. "Seriously?!" I yelled. "Yeah it is!" Peanut answered. "What's he doin down there?" I asked. "We're about to find out..." Lefty said. I looked at the field, and saw that the jocks started to fight Jimmy. Ted was at the end zone of the field, with a few jocks guarding him. Other jocks were attacking Jimmy, and Ted was throwing firecrackers at Jimmy. And the jocks attacking Jimmy fell, knocked out. Now, Jimmy was throwing the firecrackers back at Ted. After Jimmy knocking out jocks, and throwing firecrackers at Ted, there was one other jock left. I looked at the number, and from what I remembered, it was Damon's number. Jimmy and Damon were fist fighting, and occasionally tackling each other. When Damon was finally knocked out, Jimmy ran over to Ted, and knocked him out very quickly. My eyes flickered to this, to the fight with the preps and Greg, Brian, and Johnny. I watched them fight, until Derby fell. "You... You... At least my girlfriend isn't a skank." he said. This made me mad, so I kicked him. The entire crowd started clapping and cheering. "YEAH JIMMY!" the greasers called. "Woo!! Go Jimmy!" I yelled out. I noticed a little freshman walk up to Jimmy and cheer with him. At the end zone, the jocks were cheering too. It was clear now, Jimmy took over all of the cliques in Bullworth.

The next day, Saturday, Johnny said he had to go hang out with Jimmy and the other clique leaders, to stay on Jimmy's good side. I argued, saying that an entire clique with lots of sticks and tools and cars could take on one kid, but he only smiled and laughed at this. In the end, I didn't get my way. I was dead bored, being alone there in the Auto Shop. I sighed, reminding myself that there were no more entertaining fights to see, as Jimmy made all the cliques respect each other. Sad, I kind of enjoyed those fights. I was sitting on the fountain, occasionally getting splashed. It felt good, there in the warm Spring weather. I suddenly had an idea, I wanted to go see Tom. I felt bad for him, he'd been so friendly to me, and I hadn't talked to him since Winter. I ran down to the parking lot, where Tom, sure enough, was hanging out with Trent. "Jenny!" he said, his face lighting up. "Hi Tom!" I said cheerfully. "I haven't seen you in weeks!" he said, as I walked towards him. "Yeah! Hi Trent." I said, and smiled at Trent. I was no longer scared of him, he wouldn't hurt me for 2 things: Johnny Vincent was my boyfriend and very, very, very protective over me, and would hurt anyone who hit me. And the other: Tom was present. "Hey." he said back. "Did you see the game last night? It was killer!" I grinned. "Yeah! Not exactly what I'd expect from a football game but..." Tom trailed off. I laughed. "I think everything's gonna get boring now. No more fights between the cliques." Trent said sadly. I grinned. "Yeah, it was fun to see those." I agreed. "Yeah, but now Hopkins messed that up huh?" Tom asked. I smiled. "Yeah. Whatever. Best stay on his good side, Johnny says." I said. "Nah, I don't think it should be like that for us. We got Russell on our side, it was pure luck Hopkins beat him at the Hole." Trent said. "I don't think it should be like that for us greasers, either. We got hammers, wrenches, and cars. Oh, and all of the guys, of course." I grinned. I had told that exact same thing to Johnny earlier. "Haha, yeah." Tom agreed. "Well, I think I gotta go now. It was nice talking to you guys, really. See you later!" I said. "Bye Jenny!" Trent said happily. "Uh. Bye, Jenny! See you soon, right?" Tom asked. "Of course!" I yelled back.

When I ran back into the Auto Shop, Johnny was waiting in one of the garages. "Well, well, well, where were you?" he asked me. "I wanted to see some of my bully friends." I said, sitting next to him. His facial expression changed from relaxed to worried very fast. "Did they do something to you?" he asked, standing up and gripping my wrists. I laughed. "No, of course not. They're my friends, remember?" I asked. "Yeah, well..." he said.

On Monday, everything seemed very strange. Shop was normal, I had it with only greasers. But at lunch, everything was weird. "Excuse me." Chad said to Johnny, when they were both up getting their lunch. "Don't sweat it. It's fine." Johnny muttered. "Back at you." Chad said. When Johnny sat down, I asked, "What was that about?" "Nothing, just answering him." Johnny said. "Uh, news flash: You hate him." I said. "Yeah, but I don't want to get on Hopkin's bad side do I?" Johnny asked. "I guess not..." I said, rolling my eyes. It was weird to me, seeing that conversation between Chad and Johnny. If Chad bumped into Johnny like that on a normal day, their conversation would've gona a little more on the lines of: "Watch were you going, you damn rich scum!" Johnny would've said. "It'd be easier, if you didn't stand their like some 50's throwback!" Chad would've said. "Say that to me one more time and you's gonna regret it..." Johnny might've threatened. And then, Chad would repeat it, and they would start a fist fight right then and there.

I was bored. I was extremely, very bored. There was nothing interesting to do anymore, and I hated the tension. I was about to lose it, those few days of the week.

"OH MY GOD!" I yelled out, in Blue Balls Pool Hall. This startled all of the greasers. "What?!" Ricky yelled out. Oops, he was taking a nap on the couch, but whatever. He was already awake, wasn't he? "Why doesn't anything interesting happen anymore?" I screamed. "I told, ya, Hopkins says no more fighting." Johnny said. "Well I need something interesting." I said, leaving. "Hold on Jenny! I'm coming with ya!" Johnny said, following me.

At Bullworth, I saw Jimmy leaving with spraypaint. "Where are you going?" I asked. "Stuff!" Jimmy yelled, running out the door. "Well, then." I said. "Ah, come on Jenny. There, running, you happy?" Johnny asked. "No, not yet." I said, walking over to him and kissing him.

"Oh come on! Cut that out." Gary yelled from behind us. "What the hell you want, Smith?" I said, angrily. "Don't be so insolent, Wolf." he said menacingly. I was not frightened."To who? You?" I asked, laughing. "Hey! Don't talk to her like that you loser." Johnny said angrily. 'Whatever. The thing is, Johnny, I was looking for you, because I think you'd like to hear this..." Gary said, "Hear what?" Johnny asked stiffly. "Jimmy said some insults about you, things like 'Johnny Vincent can't hold onto a girl, I'd bet that chick Jenny's cheating on him, too.' and other things like that." Gary said. "What the hell? Why the hell would I ever cheat on Johnny what load of crap you eatin' you phycological reject?" I asked angrily. Gary was about to insult me, but swallowed. "I didn't say that, dear Jenny. Jimmy did, remember?" Gary asked. "What? Why?" Johnny demanded. "I don't know." Gary said shaking his head. "Little traitor!" Johnny yelled out. I gulped. It was all going downhill, slowly. I just didn't realize that yet.

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