As I left the auto shop area, I heard some greasers talking about Brian and some girl named Jessica. I asked this kid named Lefty what they were talking about, "What are you guys talking about?" Lefty took a drag from his cigarette, "Brian Davidson's ex-girlfriend just died in a car accident. Shame, he's a good kid." He said as he exhaled the smoke. I felt my heart sink into my stomach with sympathy, "Where's Brian now?" I asked, "I just saw him walk into his dorm room mutterin to himself about Jessica." I sprinted to the boys dorm thinking Brian was going to do something stupid, like kill himself or something. I don't think Brian would commit suicide but I just wanted to check on him. As soon as I walked into our room, Brian was lying on the floor with a Beam soda can in his hand and several soda cans were littered everywhere. "Brian, I am so sorry." I told Brian in a sorry voice. Brian sat up and looked at me with an emptyness in his eyes, like he had nothing left to lose, "I know. Why did it have to be Jessica? She didn't do anything to anyone." Brian looked like he was trying hard not to burst into tears. I wouldn't blame him if he did. "Listen, I lost someone, too. My dad a long time ago. He was killed in 1997 in a shootout between criminals he was hunting down. He was a bounty hunter, is what my mom told me. I was only one when he died. I still wish he was here with me, so he could kick my stepdad's ass, and be with me. My point is, that everyone has their time. Some lives are taken early, and some are taken at their own time. So, Jessica wouldn't want you to be like this, she would want you to remember the good times you two had together." Brian stood up and looked me square in the eye, "You're a good friend, Greg." I nodded, "Thanks, man. Ya mind helping me clean up?" I gestured at the soda cans everywhere, "Sure." We spent the next 30 minutes cleaning our room and tidying things up and then both left the dorm and I left to get a fauxhawk at New Coventry...

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