Hey Bully Wiki! I found a FUNNY website called and it is this website where you can watch funny videos made by celeberties, such as Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, Eva Mendes, Mike Tyson, Snoop Dog, and LL Cool J.

Follow these instructions to find funny vids:

1. Go on

2. Go on the 'Videos' tab and select 'Most Popular'

3. Click away at random videos and enjoy!

These are a list of my favorites that I would recommend:

1. Green Team

2. Not sure what it's called but it has Snoop Dog and LL Cool J and Chuck from 'Big Bang Theory' playing Halo Reach.

3. Lindsay Lohan eHarmony profile

4. The Landlord

5. Good Cop, Baby Cop

6. Will Ferrell Answers Internet Questions

7. White Women's Workout

I hope you check out this site. It's worth it!

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