I was panting as I was sprinting through the narrow hallways as the ship called the Platypus was starting to sink into the harbor, all the packages of cocaine were floating in the rising water that I was trying to get out of. Coane's bound to be in the ship around the deck, because that where he was running to. The water was coming in quick, it was already up to my ankles. The explosives didn't work like it should have. Instead of blowing up the engine of the ship, some Russian commie threw the explosive over to the other side of the room, causing a good sized hole in the bow of the ship. I heard a gunshot from behind me and the bullet grazed my shoulder. I turned around and there was Coane, with a semi automatic pistol. I took the grenade from my sweatshirt pocket and pulled out the pin and held the safety button and shouted, "Ya see this?! This is a god damn grenade! You shoot me, I let go of the button and drop it, and this sinking ship will be your grave! You come quietly, and you have my word that you will be treated by the law fairly. C'mon! Make my day!" I threatened. My fate, was in the hands of some Russian drug runner. . .


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