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Chapter 12: Surprises

I got dressed in my normal outfit, and set off to the Auto Shop. I had to say 'Good-bye' to Neil.

"Hey Jenny!" he greeted cheerfully. I wasn't surprised to see him awake. "Hi Neil." I said, looking down. He reminded me of a father, in some ways. "Wassup?" he asked. "Bye." I said shortly. "Um, you just got here?" he asked. "I know. Seems like it." I said. "No, you literally just got here?" Neil said, confused. "No, I don't mean bye as in bye right now, as in 'Bye, I'm moving to North Carolina soon.'" I said, shaking my head. "Oh..." he said shortly.

After saying bye to Neil, I checked my watch. It read 5:00PM. How fast the time came, 5 hours talking to Neil. I walked to the Boys Dorm, where Peanut, Ricky, Kate, and Johnny were sitting on the front steps. "Jenny." Peanut said. Kate looked almost as sad as she did before the prom. Ricky and Johnny looked like crying. Peanut didn't, he was the 'tough guy.' I smiled mentally at how much his pride got the best of him. "What do we do?" I asked, sitting next to them. "We only got an hour." I added. "We hide you in New Coventry 'til your parents go to North Carolina alone." Johnny said. "I already told you, hiding won't work. They're coming and either way their going to find me, wether I like it or not." I said. "S' worth a shot..." Ricky muttered.

I spent time talking to them, doing my best to act as if this was any other day. I talked about bikes, hockey, basketball, the usual. They didn't seem convinced. They answered mopey or sadly. "Well, thank god Hal didn't come." I remarked. Hal was a softie, not as big as Ricky, but he'd probably be bawling right now. "Don't kid taday. Taday sucks an' you know it." Peanut said. "Whatever." I said, rolling my eyes. I heard two beeps of a taxi. A hole went through my stomach, taking away the bravery I'd work so hard to get.

Slowly, I stopped feeling parts of my body. First my feet, then my legs, and then everything else. All except the hole in my stomach. "I guess we'd better..." I trailed off, staring into the sky. "Yeah." Peanut agreed, getting up. I walked to the entrance of the main doors, and sat a little far away from them. Tom and Liz came, too, to say goodbye. "But are you sure there's nothing we can do?" Kate asked me. I nodded. I couldn't talk--I was nervous and sad. I also felt bad for Liz, leaving her like this, with no Russell or me.

The taxi doors opened, and out came my mother.

"Mijita! Que esta... grande! Cresió tanto! (My daughter! You're so...big! You grew so much!)" she squealed in spanish. She'd gotten tanner, and louder. She ran over to me and hugged me. "Hola mami. Lista para llevarme al infierno? (Hi Mom. Ready to take me to Hell?)" I asked stubbornly. I tried to ignore the confused faces of my friends. "Oh, come on Jenny. Don't think of it like that. Besides, didn't your mother tell you?" My dad asked. Strange, he wasn't wearing his normal tuxedo, instead a blue shirt with palm trees and khakis. "Tell me what?" I asked, confused. "Mami! (Mom!)" I yelled accusingly. "Ya can't take 'er!" Johnny said angrily. "Who are you?" my dad asked. I turned bright red. "That doesn't matter." I said. "Well?" I asked my mom, trying to change the subject. "Ok, so you're not going to North Carolina. The bank covered the school, for a favor to your father, and so, you can stay at Bullworth, and, as a treat to your father and I for being so smart, we're going to Hawaii!" my mom yelled happily. I felt my mouth drop in excitement.

From behind me I heard Kate scream. I turned around and saw her just as she ran up and hugged me. "You get to stay! You Get to Stay! YOU GET TO STAY!" When she let go of me, Johnny grabbed a hold of me, holding onto me like he was never going to let me go. "Hidin' woulda worked, too." he said. Kate had turned to my parents. "Sorry about that, I'm Kate Harrington." "You're a Harrington?" My dad asked, and Kate nodded enthusiastically. I struggled to get Johnny off of me. "Johnny...Johnny, Johnny--No, Johnny, Johnny let-- LET GO!" I said, finally shaking him off of me. "How do you know about Harringtons?" I asked my dad. He launched himself about a long tale about his time at tha bank, something about Harrington Oil, etc. Before he left, he gave me an empty notebook, but wouldn't tell me why.

I decided I didn't need to tell everyone I'd be staying, they'd figure that out on their own. But after my parents left for Hawaii, I acted like a 5 year old who just met Spongebob, got a huge lollipop, never needed to go to a doctor's office or school again, and on top of that being Queen of the world. I went around skipping, singing my words out. Johnny was practically the same, only a boy version.

"I thought..." Norton started. "But how...?" Lefty asked. "My parents got everything done and I'm staying!" I sang, skipping around all the greasers. An idea popped into my head. "Johnny, stay here!" I said excitedly. "No." he said, smiling as if I'd told him a joke. "Pleases?" I asked sweetly. "No." he insisted. "I'll cry." I lied. His eyes narrowed, and he nodded once.

I skipped my way to the Gym area, and when I found the person I was looking for, I skipped around him in circles. "Whattaya want, hot mess? Wanted to kiss me goodbye?" Damon asked angrily. He was one of the jocks who'd bullied me, besides the red head whose name I forgot. "No. What, you want me ta beat ya?" I let the words skip out of me. "I'm staying, and, there's gonna be some changes. First off, you'll call me Ms. Jenny." I stated. "Why?" the red head asked. "Because then, I'll tell Johnny to hurt you! Silly jock!" I said, patting his head as I rolled my eyes. I skipped to the Auto Shop, and spent the rest of the day with the greasers, celebrating my parents, the bank, and Hawaii.

"What's the date?" I asked Peanut suddenly. "June 27." he answered. "Aw, crap!" I yelled out. It had been about a week past my birthday and I'd completely forgotten. "What?" Johnny asked. I sat down on the hood of an old red car and messed around with my thumbs a bit. "Mmmk, so, ya know how people go on and on when somebody forgets their birthday?" I asked. I felt myself go red. "Yeah..." Peanut said slowly. "Well, I forgot my own birthday..." I said, trying to act casual. All of the greasers were suddenly laughing, Kate with them. "Y-You forgat 'cha birthday?" Lefty asked. "Yeah..." I said, starting to laugh myself. "Jenny, howdaya forget ya birthday?" Johnny asked. "I dunno! Maybe the North Carolina issue?" I asked, giggling. "So, what do we get ya?" Johnny asked. My face fell. "No no no no no no no no no! I don't want nuffin. Staying here's enough." I said.

"Ok..." Johnny said, standing up. Ricky and Norton exchanged a look. "You better not do anything..." I said trying to sound more serious then I'd ever been before.

The next day, as soon as I exited the Girl's Dorm with Kate, a hand came over my eyes. "If you don't let go of me in 3 se--" I started. "No, 's me, Ricky." Ricky said and I heard Kate giggle. "Im here too!" Peanut added. "Why?" I asked, trying to get Ricky's hand off me. "Quit that" Peanut said. They started making me walk, so I tripped myself. I was sitting on the ground, Ricky still covered my eyes, and my arms were crossed. "I'm not going anywhere." I insisted. One of them sighed. "Peanut, pick her up." Ricky said finally. "NO!" I insisted. I grabbed at the railing of the stairs to the Girl's Dorm, and I felt arms around my waist, trying to pull me away. "Let go!" I yelled. I finally gave up and let them take me, but I whined the entire way.

"Why can't I walk? Why can't I see? What if I tell the cops? What if a prefect sees you? I can get Johnny to yell at you both." I said. "You're not going to walk, you won't. Ya can't see cuz its a surprise." Peanut said. "Norton'll get his dad to not get us in trouble, we know how to hide from the prefects, and Johnny's in on this." Ricky replied wearily. I groaned.

When they finally stopped, I was poking Peanut, trying to get him to put me down. He set me on my feet, and took his hand off my eyes. "Surprise!" Johnny, Ricky, and Peanut yelled out. I looked to what they were pointing to, and I saw a brand new red bike. "Woah!" I said, running over and inspecting it. It was the fastest bike they had in Shiny Bikes now, and it had flames on the side. I laughed, knowing this was probably Lefty's idea to put flames. "I said no gifts." I scowled jokingly. "And we didn't listen." Ricky added. I rolled my eyes and hugged them each.

I rode around on my bike, everywhere. I rode around Harrington House which seemed to please Tad but aggravate Derby. I laughed at Derby and told him to 'suck it up and take it like a man!'. Tad laughed at this, and Derby shot him a dirty look.

The football field was much more fun. The jocks all wondered what the greaser girl was doing there, and I yelled back "I can ride around this thing faster then you can sprint!'. "Oh yeah?" Casey challenged. I got of my bike, and walked towards him. "Yeah! I can!" I said smugly. "Fine. let's have a race." he continued. "Ok, me on my bike, you sprinting?" I asked, trying to sound tough. The other jocks edged him on. "Fine! Let's go." he said, starting to walk towards the football field. "Wait, if I win, you all have to call me Jenny, not 'hot mess'. Gotit?" I asked. "Alright, and if I win, you kiss me, and we still get ta call ya hot mess!" Casey said. "Ew! Do you want me to throw up? That won't be so hot, but it'd be a mess I can tell ya that." I said rudely. "Whatever!" Casey said angrily. Oh, how I love annoying the jocks!

"Ready...Set...GO!" Damon yelled. Casey shot forward as I rode slowly on my bike. "How's she ever gonna win?!" A few jocks called out. I giggled. I'd let Casey get the head start, then I'd really start riding. As soon as he reached the corner, I started peddaling, faster and faster. "WHAT?!" Casey yelled. He stopped, just as I passed him. I laughed loudly enough so he could hear me. "Aw, 'Chu forget I'm the girlfriend of the Bullworth Hot Rods president? I ain't riding slow!" I sang.

I started to get tired, and Casey did too. He was dumb for thinking he could out ride me, while he was on his feet and me on wheels. I reached to where the jocks were. "There. You call me Jenny now, and that's that. Later idiots!" I said, skipping to the Auto Shop with my bike.

"Where have you been?" Johnny asked me when I got back. "I raced some loser jock and I beat him. I was on my bike, he was on his feet. Kind of slow for a fast runner." I said, grinning. "That's my girl!" Johnny said proudly.

The next day, I went to the Cafeteria. I knew it was Greg's birthday, problem was I was so busy about the North Carolina issue, I didn't get him a present! "You get 'im anything?" I asked Johnny. "Nope, I was too busy being depressed" he joked. I saw Greg enter and I dragged Johnny over to him. "Happy birthday! Didn't have a birthday present,so I'll just give you a hug!" I said, hugging Greg. I looked at Johnny, who looked rather queasy and uncomfortable. "Anyways, I didn't have a birthday present, so..." Johnny said, reaching for an apple. "Here's an apple." he continued, chucking it at Greg. Greg managed to catch it, and bit into it. "Thanks! I gotta get back to the dorm, I'm gonna go grab something." he said, leaving. I spent the rest of my day with the greasers.

After hanging out with the greasers, I went back to my dorm. I was in my bed, staring at the journal my father gave me. "What do you think next year's going to be like?" I asked Liz. "I don't know, anything could happen. I wonder if Russell will be back by then..." she replied. "I hope so. I feel so bad. Poor Russell." Poor Liz I added mentally.

“Yeah I know. Poor Russell. I mean if I'm having a hart time with him being away, I can't imagine what he's going though. Well the courts only said that he would be gone for summer. I mean this can’t affect his schooling, now that he’s getting better. You know he actually passed this term. So in the fall he will officially be a junior, like me. What I’m really hoping is that he gets back by his birthday. I want to throw him a party and he can sit onstage wearing a crown, and opening presents.” She then went to sleep.

I continued staring at the journal, when it hit me. Maybe, just maybe, my dad thought that my year at Bullworth was story-worthy. I started remembering everything, from my first day. Lucky I have a good memory. I wondered how I'd organize it, as I already thought that I'd title it "Jenny Wolf's Diary." After all, diary entries were meant to be written the date of whatever mentioned had happened. I decided that it wouldn't be a diary, just a story from my perspective. I decided to write what I thought before Bullworth as a preview. I labeled the time that I'd met a few of the greasers and Tom, Wade, and Trent as 'Chapter 1: New Friends'. My hand ached when I was finished with the first chapter.

I read through it, feeling proud that I'd remembered so much. Laying the book on the floor next to my bed, I went to sleep.

I didn't only slip into my deep sleep, but also my future... at Bullworth.

The End

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