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Chapter 3: A little problem called Trouble

The next day at Music, Miss Peters decided it would be 'fun' to divide the class into a "chorus" and a "band". Johnny got put into the band, which was lucky for him because he hated having to sing. I got put into the Chorus. I never minded singing, but I did get embarrassed. So, I put myself in the back of the group. Next to me was a boy with auburn hair in a buzz cut. When everybody started singing (except for me), I noticed the boy wasn't singing, either. "Hi, I'm Jenny." I said trying to make conversation. "Jimmy Hopkins." he said shortly. This was Jimmy? How could this be Jimmy?!? Johnny told me Russell was HUGE! So how was a little shrimp like this supposed to take on Russell? Suddenly I remembered something. Liz liked Jimmy, so I shouldn't mention the fight. "You make any friends?" I asked hopelessly. "Kinda. Gary Smith, his sister Liz Burnell, and Pete Kowalski. You?" he asked, accepting my attempts of conversation. "Johnny Vincent, all the greasers really except Lola, and Liz and Kate Harrington." I said. "Oh, I've heard of Johnny Vincent. And Lola. I don't like her, she seems slutty." Jimmy said. "I don't either. She is a slut." I said. Suddenly an idea popped into my head. "So... Do you like Liz?" I asked. "Well, yeah. She's nice, and she's pretty, and smart. And funny." Jimmy said. "I wonder if she likes me..." he continued. "I think there is a possiblility on that..." I said slyly.

Over lunch, Vance, Johnny, Ricky and I were playing 'Truth or Dare'. When it was Vance's turn, he gave me the worst dare ever. "I dare you, to try out for cheerleading." he said. Ricky and Johnny laughed and high-fived Vance. I shouldn't have told them that I hated cheerleading! That was stupid of me. But the only reason it came up was that when we were walking to the Cafeteria, Christy and Angie were talking about how they were trying out for cheerleaders. Ricky had asked me why I wouldn't try out, and I told him that I had been a cheerleader when I was 4, and I was bored every secound of it. I looked at them all. "Why? No way! There is NO WAY I am trying out for cheerleading!" I yelled. "Jenny, you're no fun." Ricky said, pouting. Suddenly, Lola talked from next to Johnny. "Hahaha, I'd love to see her try! I'd bet she'd flunk out, like Beatrice. She'd probably get kicked out for being too fat." she said. I felt my mouth drop in anger. "Look, Lola. The only fat ass around here is you, and you're probably jealous of Jenny cuz you didn't make the cut for cheerleaders like she will!" Ricky said. Johnny gave him a look that said, 'Don't make me laugh or I'll die.' I laughed, and went ahead to try out for cheerleaders.

"Alright! Boys, come with me! Wiles, get you and your cheerleader hopeys to try out!" Mr. Burton yelled. I was rather annoyed, having to stand there in the cheerleading uniform. It annoyed me especially when 2 strands of my hair on either side of my head kept falling around my face. "Alright, girls. I want Martin and Ng up now. Next, Wolf and Trudeau." Mandy said boredly. I rolled my eyes at her annoyed expression. Both Angie and Christy made it, and immedietly went down to the Girl's Locker room, where Mandy told all of the girls who made the squad to meet. "Wolf, Trudeau." Mandy said, eyeing her nails. I didn't know any routines, and neither did Beatrice Trudeau. So, I started doing a few of my old skateboarding tricks, without my skateboard. Beatrice was making up some sort of dance. When I was done flipping, Mandy yelled to stop. "Wow, Jenny! That was great! Beatrice, yours was a failure, as always. Jenny you're on, Beatrice, go tell Burton you're out! Ok, next is Harrington and Gauthier" Mandy said. I went down to the Girl's Dorm, feeling out of place from the squeeling girls.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps. Kate and Pinky appeared in the door way. "Kate! You made it!" I yelled, happy to finally have someone to talk to. "Yeah!" "I did too!" I said, with not much enthusiasm. "Really? If you had told me, I would've gone up with you!" she said. "Oh, sorry..." I said sheepishly. Suddenly, Mandy came downstairs. "Ok everybody, so Burton wants us to cheer for the guys wrestling. I'm going to tell you who your cheering for, blah blah blah." she said waving her hand on the 'blah's. "Mm k so, today that nerd Algie is fighting Johnny Vincent. So, sadly for me, Burton says to make it '"fairer"', the first 3 should cheer for Algie. So me, Christy and Angie are cheering for that nerd. Then Jenny, Kate, and Pinky are cheering for Johnny. Got it? Great. Woo. Whatever." Mandy said, leaving the locker room. I smiled to myself.

Later I told Liz that I had asked Jimmy if he liked her. "You did what?!" She looked horrified. She covered her face and I heard her muffled voice continue. "Oh God, that's so embarassing!" after a moment she moved her hands and it looked like she was praying as she looked at me. "What did he say?"

"Well he said that he thinks your nice and pretty, and smart, and funny and that he likes you." I watched her mouth open, before she covered it with her hands. She began mumbling "Oh my God. Oh!" to tease her, I continued. "He's also wondering if you like him too. I told him that it was a definate possibility." She dropped her hands and almost screamed "OH!" At first she looked mad, but then her head dropped and she smiled. She started laughing silently. After a moment she looked up and me and asked "What should I do?". I laughed. "Well, ask him out of course!" I smiled.

The next day, I was bouncing all of my classes. In Biology, Johnny leaned over and whispered: "Jenny, why ya bouncin?"

"Nervous." I answered as I bounced. Dr. Slawter eventually noticed me and my bouncing. "Miss Jenny, please, SIT STILL." he said angrily. "Sorry Mr. Dr. Slawter!" I said. He shot me an angry look, and turned back to the chalk board. Ok, so maybe it wasn't all that I was anxious about the fight at the Hole. I also had some of the honey Edna had put on each of the tables for breakfast. Ever since I was young, honey made me very hyper. So, I had to limit myself, otherwise I would start saying things I didnt mean. Once, I started telling everyone what I was really thinking, and that turned out ugly.

Luckily, I got through Biology without making remarks about things I shouldn't.

"Hahaha! I love this Jenny! She's hilarious!" Lefty said. I started calming down a little as soon as I ate an apple. "Okay, so remember: Crabblesnitch doesn't know about the Hole or anythin, so don't go around talking about it." Peanut warned me again. I rolled my eyes. "Well Peanut, for the 3rd time, and I have been counting, I KNOW!" I said. "Well, alright. But just remember..." Peanut started. I thanked my lucky stars that the bell rang before he could finish.

In Chemistry, Dr. Watts started talking about dangerous chemicals. Johnny gave a worried look at me. I was staring at the board, trying to understand the one that made the vile expload. Mindlessly, I started looking for the chemicals that would do this. Luckily, Johnny took away every chemical that I had that could possibly be dangerous.

When the bell rang, Johnny took me to the Auto Shop. "Why aren't we at the Hole?" I asked him. "Fight doesn't start yet, Jenny." he explained to me. I sighed.

About a half hour later, Johnny finally took me to the Hole. Lola wanted to come, and so did Norton. I was happy about Norton coming, he and I were very good friends now, such as me and Peanut were now. But not so much about Lola. I doubt anyone was happy about Lola coming, When we got there, Gary Smith, Liz's brother-in-law, was giving a big speech about how he was going to take "over the school." I could see why Liz didn't like him. I looked around. I saw Kate standing between the Preppies and us, and realized Liz wasn't anywhere. I wondered where she was! I mean, she said she liked Jimmy, why wouldn't she be here to at least see if he was ok? That's what I would do if it was Johnny instead of Jimmy.

When the fight began, it was immedietley very violent. Russell tackled Jimmy into a wall. I was sure Jimmy would at least be bleeding, but he got up. He started running around in a circle, doging Russell at everytime he tackled him. Suddenly, Russell grabbed at his head. I noticed Jimmy had just hit him with his slingshot. I thought this was hand-to-hand, not meelee weapon fight. During this time, Jimmy took his chance and ran up to Russell. He started punching him, over and over and over. Eventually, Russell fell, and the fight was won. Gary showed up at the entrance to the Hole, and told Jimmy that he had tricked him. Johnny, Norton, Lola, and I left the Hole then.

The next day, the same rumour followed me around everywhere. Everyone kept saying how Jimmy Hopkins was now the 'boss' of the bullies, since he beat up Russell. I didn't really belive this, until Lunch came.

All of the bullies at the "Bullies" table were looking at Jimmy with scared faces. Even Trent. This was weird for me, because besides Russell, Trent scared me the most. The only one at their table that looked remotely calm was Russell. My attention was quickly drawn away from the bullies, to the nerds. I heard Earmest Jones' voice the loadest from all of their small talk about some game called "Autos and Gremlins" or something like that. "Oh, that new Jenny girl could use my help. I could get her away from that Vincent boy, and tutor her on Chemistry!" he said. Something about his tone made me think this had nothing to do with academics. All the nerds started cheering him on, and immediatly, my bad self took over my body. I smiled darkly, and reached out for a pear. This all went very slowly then.

Lucky made a grab for my hand, but he was too late. The pear went through the air, slow motion like everything else. I watched it gratefully as it spun in the air, finally hitting Earnest on his neck. Everything went back to normal speed then. "Ow!" Earnest whined, rubbing his neck. Suddenly the voice of Lefty sounded. "FOOD FIGHT!" he yelled. All of the greasers made a grab for their haggis or fruit, and threw them. The only person in the entire Cafeteria (including Edna) who wasn't throwing anything, was Lucky. He had always been so responsible.

"What is this?" a voice asked. Everyone froze. Edna ran back into the kitchen. I looked to the entrance to the Cafeteria, and it was no one else then Dr. Crabblsnitch himself.

I stood there, waiting for something to happen. "Well?!?" Dr. Crabblsnitch asked. "Who started this?" he demanded. Someone suddenly spoke up. "Jenny started it!" I looked around, and saw Lola standing up. So this was how it was going to be? I'd get my revenge somehow...

"Lola did too." Lucky said. I looked at him, completely shocked. Since when did Lucky lie? Dr. Crabblesnitch looked furious. "" he said to the two of us. I followed him, completely unaware of why I was there, really. I discovered that I didn't care about going to the principal's office. I had once when I was younger, for defending myself against a boy who was getting aggressive to me.

"This is an establishment of learning ladies! Not a Zoo." Dr. Crabblesnitch said. He started going on a long lecture, that I managed to block out from my mind. I realized my surroundings when he started telling us our punishments. "Ms. Lombardi, you will help the janitor with some cleaning. Ms. Wolf, you will be helping te Shop teacher, Neil. Now get to class, both of you." I smiled as I left.

"What do you have to smile about?" Lola asked me rudely.

"The fact that none of your nosy-ness has rubbed off on me." I said, leaving to Math.

CONT. At: "Chapter 4: Cheaters"

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