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Chapter 4: Cheaters

After I left Math, I ran down to the Auto Shop to go 'help' Neil. Luckily, I was one of his favorite students, so there wasn't much to do except wipe off a few greasy, rusty wrenches.

"So, what did the nerd do when he found out you hit 'im?" Neil asked. I had told him the reason of my 'detention' and he thought it was hilarious. "Started crying like the baby he is." I said, smiling to myself. "Huh. When I was your age, I did much worse stuff than that! God, Crabblesnitch used to hate me! He was a prefect and god he was annoying." Neil said. He had explained to the greasers a while ago he used to be the greaser leader, like Johnny. Neil suddenly glanced at the clock. "Hm. Well, if Crabblesnitch asks, I made ya clean all the tools and it was torture. See ya." Neil said, starting to leave. I left the Auto Shop to the Girl's Dorm, where Johnny was waiting on the front steps.

I looked at his face, and he looked rather worried and sad. "Hey, what's up?" I asked, sitting down next to him. He sighed. "Ricky told me he saw Lola on a date with Gord." he said. This alarmed me. I had talked to Kate, and she said she'd talk to Gord to keep Lola busy. So in a way, this was my fault. I would hate myself for this. "I thought you didn't like Lola..." I said sadly. He laughed, which immediately made me feel better. "Of course I don't really like her! But, really, you can't expect me to be skipping around picking daisies to find out I'm being cheated on, can you?" he said, grinning, I laughed with him. "No, I guess not." he smiled and put his arm around my shoulders, pulling me to his side.

The next day at Geography, I was mindlessly sticking the pins in my United States map. I was thinking about how Lola hated me, but at the same time cheated on Johnny. I thought about what Kate said, her having a bunch of boys and being protective. By the time I realized I shoved about six different states on California, Mr. Matthews was already saying our homework, which he said at the end of class. At lunch, during the usually chat of bikes, hair grease, and events in the school, I noticed the preps Chad and Gord staring at Lola. I figured that she was cheating with them, too. I guess Johnny told all of the greasers, because they all refused to talk to her directly.

I noticed Jimmy running out of the Kitchen, with something in his hands... This looked so... familiar to me. I started thinking about what it could be, when it struck me. Wine. Why would Jimmy have wine? He was only 15! And, how could Enda let him take it? I mean, sure, she was irresponsible and occasionally disgusting, but she couldn't go THAT far, could she?

After English, I went to Blue Balls Pool Hall with Johnny and the other greasers, except Lola, of course. Once we were there, we once again, started playing "Truth or Dare", one of my favorite games now. After a while, all the greasers besides me and Johnny left. We were on the couch, watching the T.V. We were watching some TV show, (I'm not sure what it was called) where a girl kept doing silly plans to find out if a boy liked her. I looked at Johnny, who was just staring at the T.V. I started thinking that I was like the girl. The only differance was that I knew the boy at least used to like me. Now, I was getting mixed signals from him. Johnny had always been protective over who dated Lola, and it confused me. Did he still like her?

I continued watching, and one of the girl's idea included hugging and trying to kiss the boy. I rested my head on Johnny's sholder, trying to make myself unnoticeable that I was copying the girl in the show. He put his arm around me, which seemed like something a boy would do, if he liked you. The girl continued doing her plans. I noticed that Johnny suddenly shifted and faced me. "What's going on Jenny?" he asked me. "Nothing." I lied. I must have a tell, he insisted something was going on with me. I finally gave in. "Are you sure you're over Lola? You get worried about when people cheat with her, and... yeah." I realized that what I thought was stupid. There was barley any evidence! Johnny put his arm around my torso and pulled me to him, very swiftly. It shocked me when his lips suddenly smacked mine, and I wrapped my arms around his neck, gluing me to him. It seemed to last a while, and when it was over, he just took me back to the Tenements.

The rest of the month went by with basically nothing interesting, but Ricky did get a bit more depressed then usual, and he was usually in a bad or sad mood. Finally, the Winter holidays came. I sighed in horror, realizing I'd have to go Christmas Shopping. I had enough money, and I knew what the greasers wanted, but I had to go and buy it all, and stay up all night wrapping things. Finally, I left to the town for shopping.

I went to many stores, including Worn In, Shiny Bikes, The Final Cut, and Aquaberry (to get something for Kate, of course.) During the night, I stayed at the Tenements, wrapping everything. I ended up buying all the presents, and $20 worth spent in wrapping items.

The next day, I felt like some sort of Santa Claus delivering presents, despite the fact I had stopped beliving in Santa quite a while ago. When I finally found Johnny, I gave him his present, which was a new Go-Kart helmet. I felt bad when he topped my gift with a few simple words.

"I broke up with Lola. Hopkins got proof for me, I talked to her, she tried ta lie to me, so I dumped her." he said, rather cheerfully. My mouth fell open in happy shock. "So, do you want to go out with me?" he asked me, already knowing the answer. "Hell yes!" I yelled happily. And he kissed me, right there in front of the school, where everybody, including Lola, could see.

Over the course of a few days, it spread that I was Johnny Vincent's new girlfriend. I had a couple of changes that I liked, like Lola no longer sat at out table, instead at the non-clique table. Another was that I could kiss Johnny without any worry. But of course, there were the bad changes.

Mandy Wiles dated Ted Thompson, the most popular boy in the entire school. But, she also thought Johnny was cute. She never liked the fact he dated Lola, constantly thinking this would damage her popularity, because she thought he didn't think she was the prettiest girl in school. Cheerleading practice (which I never liked) were harder now, now that she wasn't as nice to me as she was.

Another bad change was that Lola hated me more then ever now. Whenever she looked at me, her face was full of hatred, and anger. I returned her look with a look that said "Look, I didn't choose your boyfriend. Your boyfriend chose me." But otherwise, my life went smoothly. For a week. Jimmy started helping Johnny and the other greasers get revenge on the "dirty little rich scum who don't respect nobody till ya beat it inta them" as Johnny put it, and I usually got bored and worried waiting for them.

"Be careful!" I told Johnny, before he left with the other greasers to go beat up Gord and the other preps. "I'll be fine." he said. He was so sure that he could take them. "But still!" I said. He just nodded and left. I sat there, in the Boy's Dorm common room, watching the T.V. I couldn't think about any other thing then if the greasers were O.K.

When I woke up, Johnny was next to me, and had fallen asleep with the T.V. on. I looked at his eye, which was heavily bruised. Rage filled me. "I thought you said you could take them! You said you would be careful! Well, Mr. Tough Guy, look at you know!" I yelled without thinking. Johnny jumped, awoken by my yelling. He looked around, and then at me, rolling his eyes. "Well at least I got my revenge!" he said joyfully. I sighed and went back to sleep.

The next morning, we had to get up really early to get to class in time. Johnny said it didn't really matter, we could have a V.I.P. long weekend. I laughed, and made him take me to campus anyway.

The next day after Gym, Johnny and Peanut were called up to the office. I suspected that this was due to the fact they had gotten bored a couple days ago and vandalised the Library, holding their grudge against Earnest for talking about me. I was wondering around the Gym, which I regretted.

"Well, hello. Aren't you a hot mess?" a red headed jock asked, coming from the Boy's Locker Room. Something about the way he said this made me think that I should get away from him as fast as possible. "Umm, no thank you..." I said, edging to the door. I bumped into someone while walking backwards. "Come on" said another jock in a ball cap and letterman jacket. "I really can't..." I said, starting to get scared. The jock with the ball cap's arms came around my waist and sholders, locking me in an arm cage. "Look, chick. Either ya stay, or you stay. Take your pick." the red-head said. "Haha, he's being nice, giving you a choice!" the ball capped jock said. "Well, I'lltell you that judging by your charm, I really rather not." I said, sticking out my tounge. The jock holding me hostage seemed irratated. "Cut the crap!" he said angrily. "No you let go of me, or I'll hurt you." I said. "Haha, how's a little hot mess like you gonna hurt us?" the red head laughed. I started aiming to hit him in the groin, when I hear a voice. "Put her down Casey." Johnny said calmly. "What? I thought you were at Crabblesnitch's office?" I questioned. "Yeah, didn't feel like it yet." Johnny said. "Hey this is jock terratory!" the jock holding me yelled. "Yeah, so? She's all greaser!" Johnny said. "Go away Vincent, or I'll crush her." the jock continued. This alarmed me. I kicked him in the groin, and he let go of me, running off. The red head looked at me furiously. "You're dead." he said, starting to walk towards me.

Johnny ran towards the jock, grabbing his head and throwing him to the floor. I thought he was done, but he put his foot on the jocks head. He spit onto him, and finally, stomped on his head. I was terrified, my eyes flickering from Johnny to the jock. The jock got back up and punched Johnny's left cheek in return. Johnny turned to him, kicking him in the stomach. "Ok! Ok! You win!" the red head yelled out. Johnny walked to me, and asked, "Jenny! Are you O.K?" "Yeah." I choked out. He smiled. "Lucky I skip detention!" he joked. I nodded shakily. "A'ight, come on." he said, walking me out of the Gym.

The next day at lunch, I felt sick. I nearly threw up in Biology, we were disecting a fish. It surprised me, as I usually had a stronger stomach. When I got to lunch, Ricky noticed me. "Aw, Jenny! Ya look pale." he said. "Yeah! I wish you would start a food fight again. That was funny." Vance said sadly. I groaned as an answer. Ever since my little encounter with the jocks, my stomach hurt like Hell. "I think you should go to the Nurse" Lucky said, eyeing me. "And fast!" Lefty added.

At the Nurse's office, Nurse McRae took my tempature. "Hmm, looks like you have a stomach problem. Do not eat much. Must've been caused by, extreme fear, or bad food." Nurse McRae said. Johnny looked at me, as I just rolled over on the cot. "Well, you should rest now. Mr. Vincent, please get to class" Nurse McRae said. I shot her a dirty look, I didn't want Johnny to leave. My groan was muffled by the pillow.

After a while, Liz showed up to take me back to the Dorm.

CONT. At: "Chapter 5: All's fair in Love and War"

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