I don't know its up to rockstar to make a kickass plot


they should definetly make the map more extended like add an airport or a continuation from the woods. they should keep bullworth but Rockstar can add another school if they want to.



You should play as jimmy because he is the perfect character. It should not be a female character because that wouldn't make sence


please keep Mr. Neil he is one of the funniest characters example:

"I'm in a crap mood today, so shut up and get to work"

"I'm in a good mood today, so shut up and get to work"

"Always with you kids with your plans within schemes and schemes within plans, anyway shut up and get to work"

whatever mood he's in he wants you to shut up and get to work because shuting up and working, it works.


hell yeah bully 2 should have prefects but seth should be a cop along with the other prefects because prefects are seniors


They should stay with the same cliques but add some new ones. and no gansters, gangsters are stupid and dont fit with bully

NO skateboarders , they don't fit with Rockstar. However they should add goths then you will have to defeat thier leader and have to date the lone goth female member


they should make it more realistic, insead of just having little kids and teenagers they should add pre-teens or middle schoolers so there can be a more variety of people



they should add an electric scooter, real scooters, and more scooters.


they should make more models(becuase i wasn't satisfied with the number of bikes), and also after you get the best bmx you should be able to get the 2nd best( because after i got the red bmx i couldn't get the blue bmx and i like the blue one a lot

Go karts

they should make a two seated go kart like in jenny vincent's story (chapter 1&2)


Firing guns

spud gun, marble gun, marbles, bottle rockets, fire works, fart bombs, pepper spay you name it. it's basically anything a kid can get their hands on.

Melee weapons

sticks, bats, slegdehammers, all that good stuff.

Anything Else?

feel free to tell me if you want anything elseTheAgeofRockstar 01:37, August 16, 2010 (UTC)TheageofRockstar


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