Yum Yum Market is a branch of mini marts in Bullworth. The stores serve as a place where Jimmy can restock his inventory items. They can be identified on the in-game map as orange shopping-trolley blips.

Goods Edit

  • Box of Chocolates: $1.00
    • Description: It's true, candy is dandy.
  • Bouquet of Flowers: $1.00
    • Description: Nothing says "make out with me" like a bouquet of flowers.
  • Beam Cola: $1.00 (free after drinking 500 sodas)
    • Description: A gleaming can of soda pop. Refreshing and delicious.
  • Carton of Eggs: $1.50 (Available after The Eggs)
    • Description: I'll bet those eggs will make a great omelette.
  • Spray Paint: $1.00 (Available after Tagging)
    • Description: High quality paint. Great for all sorts of art projects
  • Can of Spuds: $3.00 (Available after Nerd Boss Fight)
    • Description: This can of spuds would be perfect for anyone with a spudgun.

The store also sells other produce and household products, which cannot be purchased by Jimmy.

Mission Appearances Edit

  • Last Minute Shopping: Jimmy will be directed to the Bullworth Town location to pick up the discount meat as an errand from Edna.
  • The Eggs: Jimmy will be directed to purchase eggs at the Old Bullworth Vale location for the Preppies' pranks if he does not have them already
  • Tad's House: The mission starts outside the Old Bullworth Vale location, and will be directed to purchase eggs here if he doesn't have them already
  • Tagging and Discretion Assured: Jimmy will be directed to purchase spray paint at the New Coventry/Bullworth Town location respectively if he runs out.

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