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Yum Yum Market interior

Yum Yum Market

Yum Yum Market is a branch of mini marts in Bullworth. They are located in Old Bullworth Vale, Bullworth Town and New Coventry. They can be identified on the in-game map as orange shopping-trolley blips. Yum Yum initially stocks soda, flowers and chocolate. It also stocks spuds and spray paint after those items are unlocked during gameplay. Inside the market are various items like oranges, assorted produce, and other household items that Jimmy can't purchase.

The Bullworth Town and Old Bullworth Vale branches are managed by Mr. Oh, and the New Coventry branch is managed by Stan. The owner of the chain is a resident of Old Bullworth Vale, and acquainted with Tad's family.

During the game, Jimmy is forced to buy various supplies at the markets. He is forced to go into the Bullworth Town location during the mission Last Minute Shopping to pick up Edna's nearly-expired meat. During other missions, such as The Eggs and Tagging, he is prompted to buy supplies from the market. However, he can pick supplies up off the ground or out of his room instead.

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